About Jo Ann

Jo Ann Santangelo is a multimedia storyteller who documents everyday life in communities. At a young age she began taking photographs of the unforgettable characters in Boston's Italian-working class neighborhood “the North End.” It was then that she discovered what she was meant to do: move organically through communities, photographing and talking to people and letting them reveal their isolation, their bonds, and their humanity on film.

After moving to Texas in 2006, feeling community-less Jo Ann began the daily practice of riding my bicycle and taking street portraits of Austin’s unseen lives in the shadow of downtown development. Seeking formal training, she moved to Brooklyn in 2008 and attended The International Center of Photography. There, she was awarded The New York Times Foundation Scholarship and interned with photojournalist Eugene Richards. Jo Ann currently live in Austin, Texas and work as freelance photographer collaborating with local and national non-profit organizations to tell their stories.

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